Friday, January 14, 2005

reach in and touch you


In the beginning, this blog is set to be a space for the band, The Mugs, to bare their souls, dredge the depths of the human condition, and discuss all things in love, politics, and the quality of their morning movements.

It's a free-for-all, sky's-the-limit, open season event space for their minds. And/or a total disaster in an experiment to expose the desires and intentions of five manboys seeking to overcome their anti-social behavior in favor of realizing a better world.

"What better world?" you ask. So do we. Any ideas? Please share them. Idealistic broo-hah-hah? Why not. Cynical guffaws? Sure. Political frustration? Yes. Love's loss? Absolutely. Lusty longing? All the better. Postmodern rantings on the meta-intertextual fallacy of meaning in a (Re)Un/deconstructive consumptive ideological global superstructure of vacant signifiers? Please, none of that. Life's too short.

We hope you come in and come again.