Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Recording 201

Hello all
We've received some requests that we tighten up the file formats for quicker downloading. Consider it done. I'm happy to say that people have responded positively to having access to this growing archive so we're going to start making it more user friendly. Expect the following changes:

- no more .wav files; only .mp3 or .m4a
- all files will be zipped
- total track time will be included in the post
- total file size will be listed in the post

Beyond that, we're going to be inviting more non Mugs performers into the space to diversify the sonic pallette and get more voices out there.

Also, if you would like a download edited, contact: mail@themugs.com. Let us know the track's date/name and what changes are desired. For example, we can isolate a 5 minute section inside of a 30+min jam. And/or, we can tighten an overall mix or the specific sound of an instrument(s).

Feedback is always encouraged.

The experimentation continues...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

#12 Shit Karate Party pt. 3 - Shit Karate

03 2006-2-10 Shit Karate [~30min .wav (zipped)]

Here is the untreated/unmixed Shit Karate set. After Ryan and Tom get a moment to mix this down, we'll post the updated version for comparison. In the meantime, enjoy the rawness.

Guitar - Tom Goss (drums ~20 min mark)
Drums - Ryan Raffa (guitar ~20min mark)

For booking, contact Tom through his myspace.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

#11 Shit Karate Party pt. 2

02 2006-2-10 Joe Steps In [~5min .wav (zipped)]

After the heavy sludge rock of that initial melee, Tom's friend Joe decided to pick up a guitar and clear the air with an uptempo blues-based jam. He gets a real nice sound out of that telecaster.

Drums - Ryan
Bass - Brett
Guitar - Joe

Monday, February 13, 2006

#10 Shit Karate Party pt. 1

01 2006-2-10 Group Therapy #1 [~35min .wav (zipped)]

This is the first of a series of postings that will cover the live music portion of a party organized by Ryan and Tom Goss (aka: Shit Karate). Tom first encountered The Mugs at The Buttermilk. Having enjoyed the show, he did what all folks should do and introduced himself to the drummer. Long story short, Ryan has now become a part of Tom's ongoing musical alter ego, Shit Karate. And to good results: the minimalist guitar/drum configuration enables both musicians to improvise freely. It's a sort spontaneous noise rock with enough soul and melody to remain grounded and enjoyable for the listener.

Shit Karate decided to record a demo at The Mugs headquarters. A good demo, of course, requires audience participation and thus a good excuse for a party was born. The first invitees, of course, were Dj's Dirty Cop and Carl Matilda. They did a fine job providing the room with a warm foundation of sound. Throughout the night, we embraced the spirit of NYE 2005 and set up all the instruments, placed some microphones, and invited everyone present to play anything before and after the Shit Karate set.

The first people to arrive were two very cool visitors from France whom Tom had met the night before (again at The Buttermilk). We're not sure how they navigated their way to the fringes of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, but we're glad they did. One of them took to the drum machine (featured on this post) and the other gave a fine introduction to Shit Karate (in post pt. 3). This track is the first time any of us have ever really tried to play along to a drum machine. It's not easy- especially when a curious Frenchman keeps changing the beat every other minute. Todd said it best, "this song is already finished- I don't need to add anything." Probably true, but that doesn't mean we didn't try. After about 12-15 minutes of fumbling along with the ever-changing drum machine, the live music starts to take over… and... lift off.

Drum Machine is played through out

----- 1st attempt to find harmony with the drum machine -----

Bass - Todd
Guitar - Brett

----- 2nd attempt -----

Bass - Todd
Guitar - ?
Organ - Ryan
Keyboard - Brett

----- 12min mark : all in ------

Drums - Todd
Bass - Dennis
Organ - Ryan
Keyboard - Brett (also) Trumpet occasionally
Guitar - Ryan
Floor Tom - Tom

----- rotation -----

Drums - Todd
Bass - Brett
Organ - Dennis

Guitar - Ryan

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

#9 Two Two Keyboard Jams


Drums - Nick
Bass - Brett
Organ - Ryan -> Guitar
Rhodes - Jeremy -> Organ


Drums - Brett
Bass - Ryan
Organ - Jeremy
Rhodes - Nick

#8 Two Firsts


I'm posting these two pieces together because they're almost exact opposites. The first track is the result of a Thursday night session involving friend of The Mugs Dennis Murphy and myself. We've played together before in a group setting, but this was our first attempt at putting something together with just two people. Because neither of us really plays drums, we assembled this jam in an assbackwards piecemeal fashion: bass & guitar1 (left channel) -> drums (1 overheard mic) & guitar2 (right channel) -> bass & organ. I scrapped the first bass part and used the second take because it better lined up with the drum overdub. It loses traction here and there, but the organ really ties everything together regardless.

Dennis just finished up an album with some other folks. You can enjoy it here.

Nick's Tune

This second track is a solo piece by Nick. It started with him experimenting with microphone arrangements for the drums and building from that foundation. I'm not sure about the specifics of how this all went down, but I hear: drums, guitar, bass, organ, and voice. I'm often impressed with Nick's ability to find a melody, particularly ones with such clarity and depth. Here he effortlessly makes two chords sound like so much more. This is also a first, because he did some mixing. I find the reverb treats the music well and really creates a nice peaceful space. Jeremy dubbed this a headphone track and I tend to agree.